Bizning fikrimizcha, bu kitob tashvishni o’z shartlari asosida tushunish va boshqarishga intilayotgan shaxslar uchun qimmatli manbadir.


  • Miyadagi tashvishlarning ishlashini har tomonlama tushunish
  • Anksiyeteni boshqarish uchun amaliy, amaliy strategiyalarni taklif qiladi
  • Psixologiya bo’yicha ma’lumotga ega bo’lmaganlar uchun ochiq


  • Kindle formatida ba’zi qurilmalarda texnik cheklovlar bo’lishi mumkin
  • Ba’zi o’quvchilar chuqurroq ilmiy tushuntirishlarni xohlashlari mumkin
  • Amaliy maslahatlarga erishishdan oldin nazariya bilan bog’liq dastlabki boblar

Ko’p odamlar uchun tashvish kundalik kurashdir, ammo uni boshqarish uchun to’g’ri strategiyalarni topish o’zgaruvchan bo’lishi mumkin. “Tashvishlarni boshqarishning 10 ta eng yaxshi usuli” o’quvchilarga tashvish ortidagi biologik mexanizmlarni chuqurroq ko’rib chiqish imkonini beradi. Bu ba’zi texnikalar nima uchun ishlashini tushunish uchun mustahkam poydevor yaratadi, bu esa tashvishga chalinganlar uchun ajoyib kuch berishi mumkin.

Dalillarga asoslangan usullarni taklif qiladigan manbalar o’z-o’ziga yordam berish adabiyotining olomon sohasida ajralib turishi mumkin. Anksiyete miyaga qanday ta’sir qilishini aniq tushuntirishni amaliy maslahatlar bilan birlashtirgan holda, bu kitob o’quvchilarni tashvishlarini ishonch bilan engishga yordam beradi. Tushunishga urg’u berilganligini hisobga olsak, taklif qilingan yo’l-yo’riq shunchaki maslahat emas; u doimiy o’zgarishlar uchun vositalar to’plamiga aylanadi.

Biroq, kitobning tuzilishi shuni anglatadiki, o’quvchilar eng muhim strategiyalarga kirishdan oldin nazariy asoslar bilan ishlashlari kerak. Maslahatning ilmiy asosiga sarmoya kiritish darhol yechim topishga intilganlarni shubha ostiga qo’yishi mumkin. Shunga qaramay, texnikaga erishilgandan so’ng, ijobiy ta’sir qilish potentsiali sezilarli bo’ladi. Umuman olganda, kitob ham o’quv safari, ham amaliy qo’llanma bo’lib xizmat qiladi.

Fikringizni engillashtiring

Bizning fikrimizcha, bu kitob tashvish va sezgi o’rtasidagi farqni tushunish va hissiy qiyinchiliklarni boshqarish strategiyalarini o’rganishni istaganlar uchun qimmatli vositadir.


  • Anksiyete va sezgi o’rtasidagi farqni aniqlash uchun amaliy ko’rsatmalar beradi
  • Anksiyete, depressiya va g’azabni boshqarish bo’yicha maslahatlar beradi
  • Page Flip va matnni nutqqa aylantirish kabi Kindle funksiyalari bilan foydalanish mumkin bo’lgan format


  • Nisbatan qisqa, atigi 48 sahifadan iborat bo’lib, barcha mavzularni chuqur qamrab olmasligi mumkin
  • Asosiy tushunchalarni tushunishni kuchaytirishi mumkin bo’lgan rentgen xususiyati yo’q
  • Hamma kitobxonlar kitobning hissiyotlarni boshqarishga bo’lgan yondashuvi bilan bog’lanishi mumkin emas

Anksiyete – bu qiyin hayvon va uni engish uchun resurslarni topish bir xil darajada qo’rqinchli bo’lishi mumkin. “Aqlingizni engillashtiring” intuitsiya shivirlari va ba’zida haddan tashqari tashvishli shovqin o’rtasidagi farqni aniqlashga intiladi. Kitob qisqa va tushunarli qo’llanma bo’lib ishlab chiqilgan bo’lib, u qalinroq kitoblarni qo’rqitadigan yoki vaqt talab qiladiganlar uchun yengillikdir.

Anksiyete, tetikler yoki to’satdan hissiy portlashlar bilan kurashayotganda, qo’lingizda strategiyalarga ega bo’lish juda muhimdir. Ushbu kitob o’quvchilarni qiyin paytlarda hayot chizig’ini yaratishi mumkin bo’lgan shunday strategiyalar bilan qurollantirishni va’da qiladi. Kindle-ning matndan nutqqa va boshqa jozibador xususiyatlarining kiritilishi o’qish tajribasini yanada interaktiv va kamroq mashaqqatli qilishi mumkin.

However, every resource has its limitations. In this case, the brevity of the book might leave some readers craving more comprehensive coverage on the topics of anxiety and emotional regulation. Furthermore, the absence of the X-Ray feature means readers will not have quick access to in-depth information about key terms and concepts. It’s important to note that while some may benefit greatly from the book’s approach, it may not resonate with everyone’s experience or preferred method of learning.

Let That Sh*t Go

We recommend this journal for those seeking a humorous approach to managing stress and embracing happiness.


  • Incorporates humor to tackle stress
  • Engaging prompts for self-reflection
  • Compact and portable design


  • Swearing may not suit everyone
  • May be too light-hearted for some
  • Limited to written exercises—no reading material

Humor can be a powerful tool in overcoming anxiety, and “Let That Sh*t Go” certainly brings a comical edge to self-help. The journal isn’t your conventional guide stuffed with strategies; instead, it lays out provocative prompts coaxing you to confront and cast aside your frustrations.

A refreshing take on self-improvement, this journal interweaves colorful language with insightful exercises, making the daunting task of personal growth less intimidating and more approachable. Creative activities involved in the entries encourage engagement and daily practice.

The compact size of the journal ensures that you can carry it along effortlessly, providing an instant outlet for stress whenever the need arises. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of this whimsical method may vary across individuals, as some may prefer a more traditional and reflective approach to combating anxiety.

Unfuck Your Brain

We think this book is a smart choice for those looking to understand their mental health struggles through a science-based, yet highly accessible lens.


  • Written in engaging, easy-to-understand language
  • Offers scientific insights into how trauma affects the brain
  • Provides practical, science-backed strategies for overcoming mental health issues


  • Language may be too blunt for some readers
  • Targets a younger demographic, which may not resonate with everyone
  • The informal tone might contradict expectations of a typical self-help book

Understanding mental health can be overwhelming, but “Unfuck Your Brain” offers readable content that simplifies complex topics. The book employs straightforward language to articulate the science behind anxiety, depression, and other emotional challenges. It’s built on the premise that a deeper knowledge of how our brains function can lead to effective personal development.

While some self-help resources can be dry and academic, this book adopts an informal tone that makes serious subject matter more approachable. The brevity of each chapter aligns with the title of the series, “5-Minute Therapy,” suggesting the quick consumption of its insights. This structure may appeal to those with busy lifestyles or brief attention spans who seek short, potent doses of advice.

The book’s title and style ensure it stands out in a crowded market of self-help literature. It might resonate especially well with younger readers or those who appreciate a no-nonsense approach to understanding their mental health. However, individuals seeking traditional, professional language in self-help books might find it less suitable. Despite its unconventional approach, the book’s insights into managing emotional trauma are grounded in scientific research, giving it a solid foundation for helping its readers.

Stop Overthinking

We believe this book is beneficial for those seeking actionable strategies to reduce stress and manage overthinking.


  • Offers a variety of techniques to tackle anxiety
  • Written in clear, understandable language
  • Applicable to everyday situations


  • May cover familiar concepts for some readers
  • Paperback format might not appeal to digital readers
  • Specific advice may not apply to all forms of anxiety

Understanding the complexities of anxiety can be challenging. “Stop Overthinking” provides readers with a compendium of techniques aimed at relieving stress. The reader is presented with 23 different tactics to declutter their mind, which can be invaluable for moments when worry spirals out of control.

Clarity is key in self-help literature, and this book delivers. Its straightforward language and relatable examples show our shared struggle with overthinking. This book empowers readers by offering them easy-to-integrate tips that can be used in daily life to focus on the present.

It’s important to recognize that overcoming anxiety is a personal journey. While “Stop Overthinking” is teeming with useful insights, some readers might find certain methods less relevant to their experiences. The value of this book lies in its range of proposed solutions, encouraging readers to find and apply the techniques that resonate with them.

Buying Guide

When selecting the best anxiety self-help books, we should consider several features to ensure that they meet our unique needs.

Content Relevance

It’s imperative to find a book whose content resonates with our personal experiences with anxiety. We can preview the book’s chapters or read a sample to evaluate if the techniques and topics are pertinent to our situation.

  • Alignment with Needs: Does the book address our specific type of anxiety?
  • Practical Techniques: Are there actionable steps?

Author Expertise

Ma’lumotlarning ishonchliligini aniqlash uchun muallifning ma’lumotlariga qarashimiz kerak. Muallifning ruhiy salomatlik bo’yicha professional ma’lumotga ega bo’lishini ta’minlash ularning maslahatlariga ishonchli bo’lishi mumkin.

Muallifning ma’lumotlariMuhimligi
Klinik psixologYuqori
Sertifikatlangan maslahatchiO’rtacha
Shaxsiy tajribaO’zgaruvchan

Yozish uslubi

Ma’lumotni taqdim etish usuli bilimlarni qanchalik yaxshi o’zlashtirishimiz va qo’llashimiz uchun hal qiluvchi rol o’ynaydi. Biz odatda murakkab ma’lumotni hazm bo’ladigan qilib qo’yadigan aniq va sodda uslubni afzal ko’ramiz.

  • Aniqlik : Ma’lumotni tushunish osonmi?
  • Ishtirok etish : Yozish bizni qiziqtirish uchun yetarli darajada qiziqarlimi?


Kitobning formati bizning ishtirokimiz va o’rganishimizga ta’sir qilishi mumkin. Ba’zilarimiz qulaylik uchun raqamli nusxalarni afzal ko’radilar, boshqalari esa jismoniy kitoblarning aniqligidan foyda ko’radi.

  • Jismoniy kitob : eslatma olish va ta’kidlash uchun foydali.
  • Elektron kitob/Audiokitob : yo’lda o’qish yoki tinglash uchun qulay.

O’quvchi sharhlari

Va nihoyat, biz boshqa o’quvchilarning tajribalarini ko’rib chiqamiz, chunki ularning fikrlari kitobning samaradorligini ko’rsatishi mumkin.

  • Umumiy reytinglar : Yuqori baholar qoniqishni ko’rsatishi mumkin.
  • Muayyan fikr-mulohazalar : Kitobning tashvishlarni boshqarishga qanday yordam bergani batafsil tavsiflangan sharhlarni qidiring.

Ushbu jihatlarni diqqat bilan ko’rib chiqsak, biz nafaqat ma’lumot beruvchi, balki tashvishimizni boshqarishda amaliy yordam beradigan o’z-o’ziga yordam kitobini tanlashimiz mumkin.

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Yangi psixologiya tadqiqotida aniqlangan tashvishli bog’liqlik va materialistik qadriyatlar o’rtasidagi bog’liqlik

Burunni tanlash haqiqatan ham demans xavfini oshiradimi?

Ekstremal metall gitara mahorati intraseksual raqobat bilan bog’liq, ammo muvaffaqiyatga erisha olmaydi

Neyrologiya tadqiqotlari tilning ikki tilli odamlar orasida og’riqni qayta ishlashga qanday ta’sir qilishini ochib beradi

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